smaller scale dollhouse miniatures
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1/2 Inch & 1/144 Scale Dollhouse Miniatures

Welcome to Scale Designs, my vision of what a full-line 1/2” scale and 1/144 scale dollhouse miniatures shop should be! I promise to present you with ever-changing choices from my collection of high quality handcrafted and carefully selected manufactured dollhouse miniatures in all price ranges. Scale Designs specializes in 1/2” (1:24) dollhouse miniatures from around the world, many artisan-made and one of a kind.

Miniatures artisan and handcrafter friends include:

  • 1/2 and 1/4 Inch Scale Dollhouse MiniaturesBraxton Payne (miniature fireplaces in 1/2” scale)
  • Nancy Summers (1/2” scale miniature furniture)
  • Rosemarie Torre (1/2” scale miniature furniture, hand-painted and resin-cast pieces and chandeliers)
  • Linden Swiss (1/2” scale acrylic “glass” ware)
  • In a Miniature Manor (1/2” scale tile floors and wood furniture)
  • Sandra Manring and Christy Blackburn (1/2” scale dollhouse miniature florals)
  • Gerda vanDijk (1/2” miniature wood turnings)
  • Glenda Disney (1/2” scale dollhouse miniature wicker)
  • Lighting Bug (1/2” scale dollhouse miniature lamps of all types)
  • A Woman’s Touch and Avon Miniatures (British porcelain dollhouse miniature accessories)
  • Loretta Kasza (1/2” scale miniature dolls)
  • Warwick Miniatures (1/2” scale miniature accessories in pewter)
  • Chuck Tumlinson (one of a kind and commissioned miniature room boxes and houses in 1/2” scale)

And of course myself, Kathy Moore. I do a little bit of everything; miniature foods, furniture, accessories that I can’t find elsewhere, houses, roomboxes, florals and landscaping.

I accept special orders and will try to find what you haven’t been able to. I also own Cassidy Creations, a line of exceptional 1/2” wood dollhouse miniature furniture kits for all skill levels.

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